QR Code Warlock

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  • Allows you to generate qr codes with a web address or text that can have an overlay.


  • Portable enabled.
  • Generates only high error correction qr codes. (Allows for small overlays.)
  • The high error correction allows for small overlay images to be placed on top of the qr code.
  • Create, open, and save qr code lists for easy opening and generating again.
  • Option to toggle between using the transparency from overlay or filling in the transparency with a background color.
  • Ability to choose between the default square or rounded rectangle overlay background color noting the previous bullet point.
  • Import the data from an qr code image file.
  • Copy current generated to clipboard/export to image.
  • Shows what the current size would look like at certain dpi values along with a popup dpi calculator with more info.
  • Application themes of light, dark, and seven more currently.
  • Log window for all in program messages that popup in center of qr code and disappear after a set time.


  • .NET Framework 4.7

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