Compact AutoRunner

Compact AutoRunner Configuration Builder Screenshot


  • Allows you to have a simple, compact, no frills file launch tool on your computer or as an autorun menu on your cd/flash drive if the target computer handles auto running them.

New in 2.1.0 build 5

  • Fix for button caption new lines. Use backslash followed by an n for each new line you want in the button caption.


  • Comes with a configuration builder for helping you build menus. (As pictured above.)
  • The configuration builder has a dynamic positioning system for the form size, the button sizes, the text box sizes and positions of each.
  • 250 button’s are the max per configuration file but you can get around the limit using the page launch type.
  • 25 text boxes are the max per configuration file but you can also use a button with page launch type to display another page with 25 more.
  • Ability to launch command line arguments with files.
  • ConfigBuilder: Import v1 menu files as the menu configuration files are xml instead of ini which started with version 2+.
  • ConfigBuilder: Shift+Drag to swap buttons/text boxes and Ctrl+Drag to move the button/text box. (For organizing the configuration file.)
  • ConfigBuilder: Includes an alternate option to style your menus.
  • System Requirements are Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10/11.
  • NOTE: Does not need any programming runtimes as it was not coded in .NET Framework.

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