Customizable Remote Administration Panel

Customizable Remote Administration Panel Screenshot


  • Build a windows command line launcher that can be used to do remote work from your computer as well as having local buttons.


  • Allows separators and linebreaks.
  • Variable history.
  • Add/Delete variable favorites.
  • Allows some macros to be inserted where a path should go. (Usable in image path, command prefix and suffix.) (e.g. <appdir> for application directory and a few others.)
  • Supports bmp, gif, jpg, png, exe, dll, and cpl files for button icons. (Right click the image file “…” button to see a pre built list of some.)
  • Supports multiple layout files. (May have to select your button layout upon first load if you are still using 1.x versions.)
  • Layout Link button type which will load another layout from a button in addition to the built in menu for switching layouts.
  • Now includes a help file written by Tim Parsons as of 2.0.6 build 1.


  • .NET 4.0

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