Link Warlock

Link Warlock


  • Allows you to store entries to open and launch as needed with searching and other features.


  • Built-In toggle to show window always on top or not.
  • Customizable browser path, file launcher, and search url for searchwords.
  • Customizable default group names for new/imported entries.
  • Display/Hide parts of the interface you want/don’t want to show.
  • Display/Hide selected columns as well as even hiding the column headers all together.
  • Each entry may have short notes added or none at all totally up to you.
  • Enter group names as appropriate for each entry if you don’t want the default group names to be used.
  • Importation of plain text files with 1 entry per line and possible more import features will be implemented later down the road.
  • List header goes based on filename with smart capitalization and removal of underscores for spaces.
  • Move entries to a new group while holding the shift key and left clicking an entry and dropping over any entry in another group for automatic sort.
  • Nice tool tips shown when hovering over the group name as well as entry information for each column.
  • Search entries, notes, or just search both entries and notes at the same time.
  • Text drag and drop with the option to toggle the showing of the dialog.


  • .NET Framework 4.5

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