Customizable Remote Administration Panel v2.0.6 Build 1 Released

An update of Customizable Remote Administration Panel has been released.

New Features

  • A first run welcome dialog asking for a new layout file name.
  • A layout not found dialog upon run with option to create a new layout file name or skip to select one from the layout management menu if one already exists in the layout folder.
  • Favorite system which should be seamless transfer to the new system keeping your favorites intact, but allows for them to have a title for the combo box instead of just the variable text.
  • Favorites xml file is now part of the simple backup system.
  • Delete from the layout management menu with a certain key+click combo on the layout item of a non opened layout.
  • Now includes a help file. Thanks goes out to Tim Parsons for the writing of it in which allowed me to easily create the CHM version.

Fixed Bugs/Optimizations/Changes

  • A bug with some layout button editor buttons being enabled when they should not have been has been fixed.
  • Optimized the history of variables to where the last used history entry should now be moved to the top of the history list.
  • Reworked the right click/shift+enter/down arrow key of the browse button “…” of the image file in add/edit dialog.
  • Other minor optimizations/improvements.