Health Reader

Health Reader


  • Allows you to view exported xml of Apple IOS health data. (See features for data points list.)


  • Displays blood glucose.
  • Displays steps.
  • Displays walking/running distance.
  • Displays flights climbed.
  • Displays height.
  • Displays body mass.
  • Displays heart rate.
  • Displays heart rate variability w/ instantaneous beats per minute.
  • Displays resting heart rate.
  • Displays exercise minutes.
  • Displays active energy.
  • Displays resting energy.
  • Displays stand hours.
  • Displays mindful minutes.


  • Double click a heart rate variability row to view the instantaneous beats per minute data if the type column text for it is blue and underlined.
  • Ctrl + Tab to switch between extra information window and main window when extra information window is open.


  • .NET Framework 4.5.2

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